Anti-Theft Purses: Do They Really Work?

Anti Theft purse was actually designed to help safeguard our valuables while traveling. It is improper to say that such purses eliminate theft in totality, but in preventing the loss of our belongings or valuables, they are useful. Usually, thieves and pickpockets work as a team, and with a well laid out plan, they will easily steal from you. Dozens of people around the globe fall victim or lose their possession to thieves and pickpockets every day. The mere thought of losing your documents and cash to well organized criminal gangs in the city is a compelling reason to acquire an anti-theft purse or bag.

When buying a travel bag or a purse for city use, paying attention to its security features is vital. It is the only way to ensure that your belongings are intact while roaming in the city. A good bag will make a snatchers day terrible and awful. Let them have a hard time picking your pocket or cutting that bag off your shoulder and making away with your items. For instance, the cross body purses with internal pockets and extra security features have proven very effective against theft cases.

We cannot eradicate theft cases; we can only prevent. The security features added to these bags is what makes them ideal for city users and travelers. Crime is everywhere but for those who take caution, are better off. Here are some of the features that make these bags popular against the itchy fingers in the streets.

  1. Slash-Resistant materials.

The purse is made of highly resistant material against slashing and cutting. Anyone trying to open your bag with a knife or razor blade will have it rough. The material used to make it is the same as the one used in the military. Reinforced with another material known as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythene (UHMWPE) and woven together with other technical fibers, the material is impossible to cut.

  1. RFID Blocking technology

Using a technology known as “RFID skimming,” hackers may have access to your credit cards and steal from you. To stop this, the bag is fitted with an RFID blocking system to keep your credit card information safe. RFID (radio frequency technology) refers to the chips with sensitive information on your credit cards.

  1. Shoulder straps enforced with steel

The steel cable inlaid in the shoulder strap is a good measure against thieves. The steel cable makes it impossible for those who want to cut the purse off your shoulder and run away with it. Looking for an easy loot cutting off your bag is the simplest means but eventually, they will walk away empty handed.

  1. Fitted with hidden compartments

Equipped with these features, you can hide your valuable items in specific areas that make it hard to pickpockets to access. An easily accessible bag will make you lose most of your important items at ago.

  1. Locking clips

Locking clips make sure that opening your bag by an unauthorized person in the street is not easy. It is a simple technique but a worthy one.

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