Attic insulation removal. How to remove old insulation from the attic

There is a need to change your attic insulation from time to time. The reasons may vary, maybe your old padding is infested by rodents. If your attic insulation is damaged by water, you need to do an attic insulation removal as soon as possible to prevent airborne diseases and breeding of mold. Damaged attic insulation means that you get to incur unnecessary costs like higher energy bill, which can be avoided.

Removal requires planning on how to safely remove the existing attic insulation and how to dispose of it before installing a new one. How can you remove your old attic insulation?

  1. Get rid of contaminants

Most old attic insulations were made of asbestos, this element has been mentioned in various research findings as a carcinogenic material. Before removing the attic insulation, make sure it doesn’t contain asbestos. This is for your own good. If you are not sure whether asbestos is present or not. You can look out for a testing kit from your local store. The best idea is to hire a professional, so that they may take samples to the lab for proper testing. The other contaminant is mold, most infections affecting your sinus are caused by mold as the predisposing factor. You need to remove it together with rodent droppings and nests. Visit this site for more information

  1. Remove the attic insulation

Now that there is no threat of asbestos poisoning and infections by molds, you can soon begin to install your new attic installation.

Some equipment is needed to make your work easier. Safety is paramount at this point. You need to wear protective clothing, eye goggles, and a respirator before the actual removal process. Things could get messed up there. Consider taping some areas in your house to prevent contaminants from spreading. Some attic spaces are too small; you should exercise caution when maneuvering. You may find this blog useful. The equipment to use should be very efficient and powerful. It is recommended you use large capacity, HEPA filter which is powerful enough to provide suction while carrying out attic insulation removal. The contents to be disposed of should be emptied inside a sealed plastic bag, to avoid contaminating other surfaces in the house or even the air around you. You may find this video useful

  1. Disposing of the old attic insulation

You need to go through some regulations in your local government authority regarding the disposal of this kind of waste, lest you break the law. Disposal of materials like asbestos needs to be handled by professionals to prevent environmental hazards. Other materials like fiberglass can be recycled or even sold to a waste recycling plant nearby. Cellulose insulation components contain some fire retarding materials, recycling it is very difficult as it cannot be incinerated. If you are not sure about this, contact your local waste management facility.


Attic insulation removal may seem easy; it’s not. Proper prevention measures need to be in place before removing the insulation. You should also use the right equipment to reach all corners of the house. Disposal is critical, and the best solution is to contact any local waste management facility near you to help you dispose of the waste. Watch this YouTube video on how to properly carry out attic insulation removal.

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