Creative Ideas to be Appreciated on Instagram

Breaking the internet and going viral, either personally or professionally, seems like a lot of work. But is it that hard? There’s a large difference between putting in the work and being appreciated by your followers for the exclusiveness you offer. But in this world, you have to trade one thing for another. You have to become a seller and the audience will buy into your content. And for that, you will need good ideas and content to hack the process

If you are looking into how to grow followers on Instagram organically, then having amazing content separates you from the rest of the park. That’s where the X factor lies. To craft a compelling story, you need to have the best methods. And here are some of which you should never miss.

Shoot a great video

On Instagram, the first seconds count. They count because there’s a common human understanding when you are in the social media world. The rule of thumb is, you don’t need more than three seconds to know whether a video is important or not. Attention is priceless on Instagram, and you need to snap it fast. Make sure you get to the point or hook immediately when shooting the video. Also, make sure that whatever opening line that you use is consistent. This is just the first step in “how to start a blog that can make money”.

The same thing applies to thumbnails. Make sure you think through these parts as they will stick with you in the long term. Lastly, make sure that your landing page can be accessed by mobile. After making the video, try to access it with another device or phone.

Going off-script

Sticking to what you initially planned doesn’t usually cut it. You need to be more out of the usual for people to perceive you as different. Getting organized is part of the plan. But you should break the rules once in a while. Let yourself feel loose and do something you have never done before.

You can announce that you are doing an Instagram live event on a particular date. This anticipation will build a connection with your audience, something to bite on. Being flexible and open means that you are open to working on new ideas as you discuss with your audience what should be next.

Starting an Instagram blog

Writing is one of the best ways to make sure that you are engaged with your audience. And starting a blog on Instagram is easy. The obstacle is to get people to like what you write. If you have good ideas and great storytelling skills, then you might boost your presence online and make a name for yourself.

If people like what they see, they are more likely to share it with others. This is a form of appreciation since the word is getting out that you are doing something important. Having such credit is good because it encourages publicity. If your content is good, then other people are willing to learn, share your content and positively talk about you.

Ask a question

A good question forces your audience to think about a topic. Maybe it’s something that has been lingering on your mind. Possibly it’s something that you don’t know. But your audience may not know that. They only know that you are wondering about something, and you are inviting them to wonder with you. That thought brings excitement and curiosity to people’s minds. This movement makes you appreciated because you appear humble and open when showing a bit of vulnerability.

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