Essential Tips for Making Mind-Blowing Instagram Stories

Engaging your followers and the audience in general on online platforms has become the need of the hour. This is primarily because the authentic, genuine, and organic followers make and break online businesses. Apart from making state-of-the-art posts, coming up with attractive captions, using marketing services like, and choosing a suitable theme for the overall feed, making amazing stories on Instagram is also one aspect that can keep your account extraordinarily relevant and highly engaging. It’s a fun feature you can use to string together images and video content to share with your followers. These stories remain active for 24 hours so that your followers can check back on you regularly.

Instagram stories can be tricky mainly because one story is only ten seconds long, and ensuring that the audience can retain maximum content in such a short period can be a highly challenging task in itself. Another thing is that if the story highlights are too long, the chances of them not being viewed by the followers increases along with the fact that some of the people might get annoyed by this.

To make sure that your stories truly reflect your message and capture the target audience’s attention, certain important factors must also be kept in mind. Addressing these factors is extremely important, and to do that, here are a few essential tips for making mind-blowing Instagram stories.

Make full use of Instagram effects

Using Instagram’s effects and various features can make your stories stand out from the rest. Discovering which of these effects better suit your content and attract your audience is no easy task and, therefore, might require a lot of practice. So it is always an excellent option to play around with them before you finally get to know which ones best suit you. You can also use different fonts, colors, add gifs, and look at some text frames for your stories. These features make your content much more appealing than otherwise.

Engage the Audience with Live Stories

Going Live on Instagram is another feature that is regularly used by famous accounts on Instagram. Going live is an effective way of keeping up with the audience and engage with them so that they do not feel left out. You can have a live Q&A session, candid discussion, an online concert, or even introduce a new product line while you’re at it. Again, this is something that is catchy and will most likely keep the audience more engaged with your content than usual.

Increase engagement with polls

Another fantastic feature of Instagram stories is the “poll” or the “ask a question” feature. This enables the audience to ask questions that will be answered by you. Using the poll option, you can ask a question and give opportunities to decide what to do next. This will allow followers to engage themselves more and also provide relevant feedback. Using this, the overall engagement of the account also increases.

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