How To Establish An Instagram Strategy

If you are very keen of social media marketing then possibly you are keeing a very close look at Instagram. This is a visual media giant that has established itself as a prime social marketing platform that has arguably edged out the favorites of twitter and snapchat.

The perfect time for one to have established an Instagram marketing strategy is yesterday or last year, but you have a second best time today. Do things right now. We shall teach you how you can establish a perfect marketing strategy from scratch to help you get real followers on Instagram and maximize your returns.

Step1 determine your content strategy

This is the foundation and core thing in your Instagram marketing strategy. Ensure that you post content that is very engaging and also relevant to the target market. Otherwise you may have a rough time establishing yourself on Instagram. Determine what kind of content do you want to post, the kind of photos that go hand in hand with the content.

The photos could be product centric where most of the videos and photos you share on your profile have your product on them. This is one straight forward way that one can use to market themselves on Instagram.

Culture centric products. Sometimes you may be having a product that is not unique and exciting but it may be rich in the company culture. This could be an opportunity for you to use Instagram to greater brand identity and not only with the goal of monetizing in mind.

You can also do a mix. This is where you have a balance of two strategies and do it right for you to have a cohesive and consistent Instagram feed.

You can also use user generated content. You can also have posts on your timeline that is created by your users. This is mainly effective if you have enough fans that are loyal.

Step 2 content scheduling

Once you have already put together the type of content strategy to use, you now need to determine the schedule of the content. When you post your contents consistently, the visibility of your posts increases. This will create an opportunity for your followers to engage. This will make you the main source of content that is fresh and entices people to follow up on you. Use later of buffer

tools to help you schedule the posts you have. This will give your content creator enough time for them to come up with good content.

Step 3 Media creation and editing

Instagram is content driven social media platform. The users will only engage with content they find interesting and this means that you get rewarded for having awesome photos and content. Maximize on the quality by using DSLR and lighting rigs. For your editing, you can use VSCO, Enlight or Snapseed to help you make the photos look clean. Have captions that are also action oriented towards driving them to a product.

Lately, I have made Instagram my favorite social channel because there is less clutter than Facebook. It also helps me to drive real engagements and am so excited of where this platform is taking us in the few years to come.

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