Making a Claim for Injuries

The majority of people avoid making a claim for injury after an accident. They see it as a complicated and intimidating process. Some of the problems may come from the fact that the case started on an erroneous basis. Are you confused about how to make a claim for personal injury? Do you have any reservations about using a personal injury Fort Lee lawyer? This article will help you dispel your fears by explaining the personal injury claim process in a very simple way.

How to make a claim for an injury?

The 1980 Limitation Act provides for a period of three years for the proceeding to be commenced in court or to make a claim or. In general, it is better than you make your claim as soon as possible. Because the depositions will always be fresh and the key statements more accurate and you would be able to easily access the company’s health insurance to avoid personal costs.

It is very important to have a work-related lawyer and make a claim. Claims, in general, are settled within a few months and only a small percentage reaches a trial. By appealing to an attorney specializing in workplace accidents you avoid lengthy lawsuits, which includes your case and is able to do what is necessary to ensure prompt compensation. It is also necessary to sign a conditional agreement “No win, no fee” in which you do not pay the lawyer if you do not receive any compensation.

A responsible party

First of all, do not make a claim for injury yourself. You have a legal representative (your lawyer) who does it on your behalf.

The procedure

All claims fall under the “Personal Injury Protocol” with rules defined for lawyers and insurers specializing in personal injury. Both parties are expected to follow this procedure and act fairly. A “letter of claim” is sent to the insurers within 90 days for the company to admit or deny the culpability of the incident causing injury.

The medical exam

To prove the authenticity of your injuries, you would need a medical assessment. This could be an independent doctor or a recommended one by the insurers. The doctor sends a report on your injuries with a confirmation of the extent and recovery rate.

The compensation

Once the authenticity of your claim is dismissed, insurers decide on the amount of compensation. Your workplace accident lawyer acts as an intermediary between you and the insurers, giving them an idea of the compensation you deserve. If communicated effectively, an agreement is reached. If this is not the case, your claim could be sent to the courts.

In very simple terms, if the accident that caused your injuries is primarily the result of your own actions, it is unlikely that you can make a claim.

And finally, you have to know if you were injured when you were a minor, you have up to 20 years old to make a claim, although it is advisable not to wait until the last minute!

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