The Most Expensive Car Brands In The World

You have probably heard of a car sold for $40 million. Yes! You’ve read that right. Car brands aim at creating better offers compared to previous brands made before. The streamlined shape of the latest brands allows them to go at a faster speed of up to 280 km/h.

The history of the most expensive car brands includes Ferrari, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Pagani, Rolls-Royce, and many more. Here in the article, we have compiled a brand list of the most costly and luxury vehicles.


Being one of the most luxurious car brands, it comes up with unique models that are registered to only a few willing users.

Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti

It is a sporting car produced in 1957 in Italy and stands at a value of $35.7 million. The Italian manufacturer produced only four cars of the same model.

It has a speed of 120km/h with an engine type of front, longitudinal 60° V12. Its value increased when it was auctioned in 2016 at a value of $35.7.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO ($39.6 and $48.4 Million)

With less than 40 models produced in the world, each buyer had to be verified by Enzo Ferrari before full ownership. Manufactured between the years 1962 and 1964, its value increased immensely in the year 2018 when the car was sold at $70 million in a private purchase.

Did you know to date there are only 36 models of the same left to existence? With a V12 engine, the maximum speed ever recorded is 280km/h. Something unique about the model is the three D-shaped panels that are removable.

Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti ($35.7 Million)

Ranked as one of the best performing sports cars, it was driven by Mike Hawthorn and Stirling Moss where it emerged a winner with a new record at 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In 1957, it was auctioned to an owner in Ohio for $35.7 Million in Paris.


Due to the fancy designs that Bugattis come with, it goes without saying why the car brand is expensive. Did you know that the manufacturing factory is located in Molsheim in the Alsace region in France? This is one of the loveliest places to be in while in France.

Other than that, the car model has such a high speed of 430 kilometers per hour while it can go up to 490 kilometers per hour.

The materials used to make Bugattis are also expensive including gold, ostrich leather, and carbon fiber for the exterior.


Rolls-Royce is one of the most expensive car brands due to its choice of paints. The colors can go up to 44000 depending on the customer’s demands. Did you know each color is unique to an individual and is registered under the color? If someone else wants the same color, they have to get permission from the color owner.

The car is so comfortable in that while on the road one cannot hear a noise from outside and the tires are insulated as well to give one a comfortable ride.

Inside a Rolls-Royce, a customized design is made specifically for an individual and looks like an art museum. Imagine having a car that can look exactly like an art gallery! Something standing out is the uniqueness in each model.

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