What are some questions to ask on Instagram?

Instagram is indeed one of the most popular and well-known social media platforms out there today. It is used primarily for generating and sharing content that ranges from pictures to text to videos and beyond. Instagram has been in the entire scenario for many years but things have changed a lot now. There are different dynamics to Instagram, one of which is with respect to online businesses. Instagram not only helps to promote different businesses but also enables users to create business accounts that favor the users in buying and selling products and services online as well.

Instagram is without a doubt very popular and is now receiving much-welcomed updates that is changing the way things operate online. Some of the new features are introduced on Instagram as well in order to help creators indulge in more interactive activities like Instagram poll questions so that they can connect better and more closely with their respective followers.

One such feature is the Instagram Questions feature which was introduced a couple of years back. This is a very fun and interactive feature that allows the creators and the followers to interact with another, keep each other engaged, and produce content that is both interesting and intriguing. With this specific feature, you can ask questions on your Instagram stories that can be seen and answered by your respective followers. This enables you to get honest feedback and also make the entire situation both candid and interactive as well.

You can ask pretty much anything and everything using the Instagram question feature on your respective Instagram stories but here we shall enlist and discuss some fun questions that can be asked on Instagram by you to make the interaction as lively as fun and as intriguing as possible.

Direct Questions

These are questions that are asked without context and do not require much research or anything. These are very fun and candid in nature and are usually asked by people to get to know each other better on a more personal level. Some examples of these questions can be: “What’s your favorite color?” “Which song do you always refer to when you are sad?” and “Would you buy our product?” These questions usually result in a high amount of replies and can be a great way to get feedback or kick start a conversation with some of your followers. 

How Can I Help Questions

In case you are an influencer or run a business, such questions can always go a long way in establishing long term relations with your potential customers or personal followers. These questions can revolve around help, advice, or even collaborations. For instance, you might ask “How can we make your experience better?” etc.

Miscellaneous Questions

These questions usually do not have any category. Rather they are asked according to the purpose or in accordance with some event. For instance, if you are broadcasting a live match online, you can ask “Who is going to win today?” etc.

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