What is cash management?

Every business or individual needs to manage its accounts so that they can ensure accuracy and authenticity in their work. Cash management is a process that refers to the collection, handling, and control of all the cash that revolves in the business. When it comes to businesses, money is the essential element and therefore needs to be taken care of. There are a number of cash management techniques and solutions available in the financial market for both individuals and businesses. For businesses, the basic way of managing cash properly is by creating a cash flow statement. Other than this, the most effective and easy way is that of using a money counting machine.

Uses of cash flow statement

The cash flow statement is important for a business for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons are listed below.

A business needs cash to cater to its everyday expenses. An effective cash flow ensures that the right budget is being allotted to all the expenses and so that the budget does not exceed. It assures that the capital expenditure is being taken care of and also helps in determining the ratio of debt and equity to deal with this aim. Companies also need to keep a cash surplus in order to deal with unexpected needs for example if some machinery malfunctions and is to be replaced immediately or some unforeseen events occur that require immediate action. The issue of insolvency may arise after a few years if cash is not managed properly. This could be either due to a lack of profits or reduced liquid cash.

Impact of Money Counters on cash management

Money Counting Machine is an instrument that is used to count notes or even coins. Businesses either large or small should always invest in money counting machines if they want to ensure good cash management and achieve high levels of profits and productivity. Broadly speaking there are two types of money counters, single denomination counters, and mixed denomination billing counters. Mixed counters have the ability to count notes without having to sort them in respect of their denomination. It operates automatically and hence deals with the entire process of sorting out itself.

Money counters eliminate all sorts of human engagement and hence minimizes all levels of errors and mistakes. When human hands are involved there are high chances of errors and even cash theft. Using money counters would make sure that no theft occurs and all the cash is being dealt with care. This way employees would also be able to devote their attention to other jobs like those of customer services rather than cash management.


Cash management can be regarded as one of the most important things in achieving success in business. It allows the business to expand and flourish without having to worry about cash problems. Moreover, for a business to take its place in the industry it is important for it to have a strong cash base and effective cash management.

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