What’s The Best Weight for A Weighted Blanket?

Blankets come in different weights. Some people prefer weighted blankets while others love the light ones. It all depends with how comfortable it is while sleeping. With the right blanket weight, you will be able to sleep well all through the night. A gravity weighted blanket is good for people who have anxiety and insomnia. It is also of benefit to people with restless leg disorder and autism spectrum disorder. If you probably can’t sleep well at night, then it is the suitable blanket for you. The blanket will vary depending on whether you are a child or an adult. Here are some good weights for a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets for adults and teenagers

The best weight for adults and teenagers should be 10% their weight. Good weights range from 5 to 25 pounds. For medium blanket the pounds to purchase is 12 lbs. The large weighted blankets should be 15 lbs. Full blanket size you can buy 20 lbs and finally, queen size should weigh 30 lbs. The best blanket to buy here is Gravity blanket. The Quility premium weighted blanket is another great pick for adults and teens. Rocabi Luxury blanket is an awesome selection for adults. The SensaCalm is another outstanding blanket. It weighs 14 pounds and great to have a deep sleep.

For older adults, they will need weighted blanket of about 5 to 8 lbs. They need to feel comfortable and not carry a lot of weight. The weight will enable them turn while sleeping. It will also not fall off at night. The recommended weight will make them have a therapeutic sleep. The blanket hugs the body and sends a calming feeling to older adults.

For people who sweat a lot at night, a cool blanket will work magic. It carries 15 lbs and has a cooling system. It has a cotton cover that is breathable.

Weighted blankets for children

The blankets are not to be used on infants because they are too young. The best age will be from 2 years due to safety precautions. They can now use a small weighted blanket. It is 34 by 50 inches in size. From age 6 to 12 will be able to use a medium weighted one. They will be safe and sound in them. The size is 38 by 62 inches which is the best.

To get the appropriate weight for the blanket, you will calculate 10% of the weight and add 2 pounds. For instance, small weighted blanket for a 20-pound child will be 3lbs. For medium weight, the child will need a 4 lbs blanket. The weights will range from 3 to 15 lbs depending on how heavy the child is. The best brand will be YnM that guarantees a child’s sleep. It has soft fabric that soothes children to sleep.

The Quility blanket is also good for children. With the smooth texture, it will bring the best satisfaction. It has a cooling effect when it is hot. It has the cozy feeling that draws one to sleep.


A gravity weighted blanket will depend entirely on your weight. Children and adults use different sizes. They are the most comfortable ones to have. The soft nature will make someone sleep soundly till morning.

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