4 Belly Fat Burning Juices You Must Have for Quick Weight Loss

Because of all of the conflicting diet information out there, it can be tough to learn which foods are best at burning belly fat and which ones won’t help you get a flat belly at all.

If you’re planning on adopting a serious weight loss juice cleanse routine, you shouldn’t take too lightly the importance of juices. Weight loss is all about healthy eating, and juices are a great source of nutrition. While all juices can help you shed weight and burn belly fat, there are some juices, which are more effective than others in weight loss.

Juices aren’t only a good source of nutrients, but they also help in other ways, like flushing out toxins, jump-starting your metabolism, stimulating the fat burning process of the body, and, most important importantly, helping reduce cravings.

With that said, here are four homemade juices to help you lose weight:

  1. Warm water with lemon juice

Lemon juice with warm water is a great weight loss drink, which accelerates the weight loss process. In addition, this drink cleanses the body, ridding it of toxins. Lemon is a great health booster and can bring the body into harmony. It’s no secret that lemon contains vitamins A, B2, C, as well as pectin, carotene, and various trace elements. Lemon helps us to reduce the level of sugar in the blood and stimulates our liver to burn fat.

  1. Cranberry Juice

Taking a glass of cranberry juice everyday helps improve your body’s metabolism, which is vital to breaking down fats into energy rather than converting it to excess weight. Together with eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, taking cranberry juice is an effective way to weight loss. Additionally, this detox drink also helps clear alcohol and nicotine from your system in just three days.

  1. Celery and Apple juice

Apples are great for any detox as they are rich in antioxidants. You will need two apples and two celery sticks, juice them up and add a bit of lemon juice to taste.

  1. Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice helps detoxify your liver. And since your liver helps cleanse your entire body, it’s an important part of your weight loss and detox plan. If you’ve a juicer, juice up some and pears, carrots and cabbage for a refreshing detox drink.

Benefits of Fresh Juices

  • Fresh juices are rich in enzymes, minerals, vitamins and help suppress your appetite, which in turn helps you in weight loss.
  • Fresh juices are easy to make and provide you with loads of minerals and vitamins.
  • Fresh juices are free from all the preservatives and chemicals and are completely healthy to take.
  • Fresh juices will make you feel great and give you instant energy.
  • Fresh juices help detoxify your body and cleanse the liver. Fat mobilization takes place in the liver, so cleansing it helps in weight loss.


Drinking juices is just one of the steps towards healthy weight loss. A balanced, healthy diet coupled with regular exercises will yield quicker results in achieving your ideal weight. More importantly, you want your weight loss to be sustainable and not be like a yo-yo. What better way to maintain your newfound figure than to feed your body with fresh, healthy juices!

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