Wellington airport parking

Wellington is the capital city for New Zealand. It is often referred to as the “coolest little capital” in the world. Wellington Airport is one of the entrance channels to this city and the areas surrounding it. By this airport having to handle more than five million passengers per year, it becomes the third busiest airport in the country. It has only one terminal that serves both international and local flights, hence making the parking to be a challenge, mostly during the tourist seasons. However, there are four parking options offered by the airport, as a way of giving their clients options to choose the one that suits them best. The four options contain short-term parking and long-term parking packages, at different prices. Some of the short-term parking packages are:

> Short term parking – Uncovered. Situated near the near the terminal and available on ground and level 1 levels.

> Short term parking – Covered. It offers vehicle protection from the weather and is located next to the terminal.

> Short term parking – Premium secure. This parking place is more close to the airport terminal than the others. The vehicles are well protected from the weather and monitored through security cameras.

Wellington airport long term parking

Unlike short term parking, this enables individuals to park their vehicles for longer stay at a relatively cheaper price. The parking is located a short distance from the terminals. While at the parking area, one can park at any space since there are no pre-allocated spaces. There is also a

complimentary bus that operates from the long term parking lot to the main terminal and back, for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is marked with a brown P sign.

How to access the long term car park

It is located on Freight Drive, at the southern end of the airport. While one is from the south coast, the first turn from the Moa Point Road should be taken onto Stewart Duff Drive. The first left turn should then be taken onto the Freight Drive.

While entering from the city, the left hand entry lanes should be used. A ticket should be pulled at the entry gates. When at the exist barriers, past the Golf Club, the ticket should be inserted before driving for more 600m, along Stewart Duff Drive. At that point, a right turn into Freight Drive should be taken, and the ticket inserted into the barrier column. This is to enable one to enter the car park.

How to make payments

While paying at the barrier arm, as one leave the car park, a credit card or paywave can be used. However, one can pay with EFTPOS or cash at the parking services or pay stations.

License plate recognition for payment booking

If the ticket is book online, the vehicle place will be scanned at the entry barriers and ticket issued automatically. After taking the ticket, the barrier arm will lift automatically. While leaving, the plate will be again scanned and bar arm lifted if there are not outstanding charges. If there are outstanding charges, one will be forced to insert their ticket.

Long term parking charges

Period (in days) Charges

0-1 $29.00

1-2 $55.00

2-3 $65.00

3-4 $75.00

4-5 $85.00

5-6 $95.00

6-7 $105.00

7-8 $115.00

8-9 $125.00

Each subsequent day (or part thereof) $5.00

Below is a sketch showing the parking location.

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