What Used Cars Not to Buy

Depending on the car company and manufacturer, cars tend to have a shelf life of more than 10 years. With a regular service maintenance program, cars can last even more than the above-stated timeline. With that in mind, buying a used car can be a potential prospect for any new car owner. It is a much cheaper option than purchasing the current car model from the dealership and can offer more or less the same service to you.

Unfortunately, not all cars fit the bill to be purchased from their first owners. This may be due to one reason or another that is kept on the down-low. But that ends today. In this informative article, CarZing seeks to present the worst used options that you can purchase.

1. The Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 took the market by storm with its petite look, all-wheel drive, and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that had owners enjoying a burst of side up the escarpments. But the same qualities that endeared it to many serves as a deterrent to new second-hand owners. The turbocharged engine comes with a 177 horsepower that makes it quite the frequent visitor at the pumps. As with regards to its mini-size, leg room comes at a premium. Tall people are not allowed entry. 

2. Mini Cooper

While we are still on small cars, let’s talk about the mini. This compact small car had been a darling in the European countries before it was shipped across the ocean to the Americas. It became a popular hit with its speed and exquisite look. Mini Coopers however seem to have taken up an expensive and refined taste just like their cousins, BMW. Repairs and servicing of your used mini-cooper can be very expensive, and that is working with the assumption that you can afford it. Mini Coopers tend to have a very high resale value, which is sometimes overpriced by dealerships.

3. Saab 9-3

Moving on to Sedans, we have the Saab 9-3 named after the much loved Saab 900. For many second-hand owners, the price is usually considered first among many other requirements. You might get a cheap buying price for the Sab 9-3 among dealers in your area. And while this might be advantageous, CarZing experts advise against it. Saab Automobile filed for bankruptcy and went defunct though the Swedish company is still alive dealing in other defense and security projects worldwide.

What this means for your just purchased Saab9-3, once your vehicle requires some maintenance or repairs, we will just hope you have deep pockets.

4. Range Rover

Let’s face it everyone wants to own a luxury vehicle at least once in their lives. There’s just something about those sleek lines and stylish interior that calls to every man, woman, and child. The UK’s representative luxury vehicle is the Range Rover. The cons against owning a second hand Range Rover clearly outweigh the pros.

Let’s put the maintenance costs out of the way. That’s a given for such a vehicle. Over the years, there have been numerous complaints about the air suspension bags which are responsible for adjusting the car’s ride height and also about oil leaks. An older Range Rover will of course have worse issues due to age and depreciation of the car.  

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