How African Textiles Have Influenced Interior Design

Ever thought African textiles would gain a significant portion of the world’s textile market? Nobody would have thought in their wildest dream of this happening. Surprisingly, African textile has gained quite a lot of reputation lately. African mudcloth pillows seem quite distinct and new. At the same time, they also look quite traditional.

Handwoven baskets

Baskets are in trend these days. It seems like the 90s fashion is coming back. It would not be wrong to say that these baskets have been inspired by the African culture. In Africa, baskets are quite common. Women, especially in Kenya and Ghana, are experts in weaving colorful fibers, and the results are fabulous. These baskets can be used for decoration purposes and prove to be great ideas for storing light items. Nowadays, these baskets are situated in the empty corners of the houses. They not only look trendy but also save quite a lot of space by storing goods.

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is one of its kind. It was always popular in Africa, but now it has started gaining popularity in many parts of the world. Egyptian fabric is a different fabric than traditional craft lovers die for. This fabric is used to make scarves and classic shirts which the people of the west love wearing. The reason for its popularity is its distinct material and design. These days, people are looking for trendy fabric with unique designs, and this fabric has luckily sorted out his problem. Women in the UK and the USA cannot wait to get their hands on such statement pieces.

Malawian Chairs

Malawian chairs are popularly seen in the gardens or on rooftops. They are termed as garden furniture, and people would never want them to be indoors. Surprisingly, the African Malawian chairs are seen as a great inspiration. People never imagined in their wildest dreams to have this kind of furniture inside their homes. Surprisingly, this is now the case. The material of these chairs is quite durable and versatile. People have now started loving them and consider them as a top part of the furniture. These signature pieces are handwoven from rattan pieces. The exciting thing is that not even a minute amount of glue is required to stick them in place. This is because the material is woven in such a manner that it keeps them intact. Intricate knots are the real secret for them to stay intact. A statement African mud cloth cushion is held on them to give them their authentic look.

In a nutshell, the African textile market has taken over the world’s industries by storm with its unique and impeccable designs. Handwoven baskets, Egyptian cloth, and Malawian chairs are trendy items from the African interior collection. These unique items have driven people crazy, and nobody could have ever thought that this market would boost to such a great extent. People have welcomed such interior designs with great zest and zeal and are looking forward to more of them shortly.

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