Promoting Your Instagram Posts: Is It Worth It?

After creating your profile on Instagram, you start to post content on it. You do everything on time with consistency, but there’s not enough engagement seen.  Don’t worry as this is something normal.

However, Instagram promoted posts are like any other posts except that you must pay a certain amount so your targeted audience can view the posts. The app has the option of promotion. You tap on it, and the process begins. You might wonder why are you spending your cash on Instagram? Well, that’s the purpose of this article to find out whether it’s worth promoting your posts or not. So, let’s find out here.

What’s the benefit?

This question might pop up in your brain: why should I pay money if I can post for free? Well, let’s find out here.

  • Diversifying your viewers: if you find it challenging to get likes on your posts, the best way is to reach out to new people, which means promoting your posts. Consequently, you’ll be able to introduce yourself to many people. By this, your content will reach thousands of people. Moreover, there’s this option that customizes your audience. Instagram can either generate an audience for you, or you can choose your audience. Based on your Instagram followers, an audience is targeted with the same tastes as your content. This option on Instagram saves lots of time too.
  • Promoting already existing posts: If you are an owner of a post on Instagram that is already doing well, promoting it can boost engagement metrics and your followers. Promoting your post will give it a long life so that it won’t go out of view anytime soon.
  • Bringing more customers through “Call to Action.”

Unlike traditional Instagram posts, promoted posts give an option of linking the bar with your website. Promoted posts have a call-to-action button, which will allow you to direct the traffic in your desired direction.

What’s the catch?

Well, the accurate picture is that not everything about promoting posts on Instagram is good. This issue arises mainly when you start to compare the posts with several options. The comparison includes options like managing ads. So let’s look into some disadvantages.

The targeting audience on Instagram is not as advanced as that of other options

The lookalike feature on Instagram can be very effective. However, you have hardly any control over who Instagram will show your content to.

One audience at a time

The major drawback is that you can reach only one audience at a time. You can create your audience depending on demographic options. But you can’t promote your post to a different audience by duplicating it.

You might be interested in knowing how many men and women view your post. For this, ads manager is a valuable resource as it allows you to customize your content accordingly.

A limited number of goals

Do you want more like only or make more sales by promoting your posts?  Sadly, only one of these two options is available on Instagram.

Here again, the Ads Manager tool provides many options that give you more control over your posts than Instagram.

No guarantee

Lastly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your expected results. The only hope is your efforts in creating posts that catch the attention of people.

In conclusion, the worth of promoting your posts on Instagram depends on your abilities. Allow your audience to know why your product is the best for them. Your posts should be relatable and should tell a story.  Simple products can also get the most views.

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