How Long Does Foam Insulation Take to Dry After Installation?

Foam insulation is the best choice when it comes to insulating your attic or any other part of the house. Foam insulation can be applied to the sheathing layer or directly on the building material. Before you apply your foam layer, you should consider the weather conditions like humidity, moisture, and temperature. These factors will influence the amount of time your foam layer will take to dry up. They will also determine how the spray foam will set afterward. If these factors are not taken into consideration, the quality of the installation process will be low.

How long before the foam dries

As per the variables, the foam installation will take about 24 hours before drying. Some materials may be less receptive of the foam installation. In this case, you need an extra layer of coating. This will hold the foam in place. If you don’t add an extra layer of coating, then the foam insulation installation will not stick well. This will limit its insulation properties. Some foams are only suited for indoor use only. Weather vagaries severely influence them. This video will help you understand better.

Another factor to consider with regards to the spray foam drying is the type of foam. There are two significant types of foam. We have the two-pound closed cell spray foam and the half-pound open cell spray foam. The two types of foam have different drying time and features. We will review each of the two kinds of foam since they take different times to dry up. This will enable you, the client, to make the right decision on which type of foam to purchase when insulating your house.

  1. Half-pound foam

It is the lightest of all the spray foams, and it also dries up very fast. It also has some sound absorption qualities. It is the easiest to install among the two spray foams. The fact that it can be applied in a single installation makes it of a softer texture. This open cell spray foam is the most economical for your home as it dries up more quickly than the rest. However, it is the least resistant to vagaries of weather. For this reason, this spray foam is only suited for indoor use only.

  1. Two-pound foam

This is much thicker than the other foam. Its added strength makes it suitable for both interior and exterior. It does not allow water to pass through it, so it is a water barrier. You will be less worried about dampness and mold growing in your home. If you are searching for the best insulation installation, then this spray foam is the best for your home. The overall benefits are much attractive than the other type of foam. It takes some time to dry, around 20-24 hours. This is because of its thickness.


As mentioned above, it takes 24 hours for a foam spray to dry up. Some variables must be considered during this process. The closed cell spray looks attractive due to the added strength and dense thickness. It takes some time to dry up, but if you want a foam installation that dries up quickly. You can opt for the open cell spray foam.

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